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Concepts from The Gruntled Employee have been used to develop Gruntled University's training programs.  Go to www.GruntledUniversity.com to learn more about our Personal Empowerment, Relationship Management, Leadership Development, Organizational Culture, Organizational Change, and Governance programs.
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The Gruntled Employee

The Gruntled Employee describes how to improve employee morale, how to deal with work stress and how to be an effective manager. The book gives you techniques, tools and case studies to help you address business success factors and employee morale. Whether you are an employee, manager or executive, you will benefit from the holistic approach in The Gruntled Employee for creating success and happiness at work. Disgruntledness doesn’t have to be the norm! 


Discover how to improve the relationships you have with your coworkers, managers and customers. 


Understand how certain dynamics between employees and leaders can help or hinder morale and business success. 


Discover how to engage employees, inspire connective leadership and improve the success of your business strategies.
Need some advice about an interaction with a co-worker? Write me!  

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